• Yeah Cloud's recovery is really bad, it also wastes the Limit Break at times. He still seems pretty ok, looks like he has the tools but I'm not sure since I've never played him.

  • Well fuck me Tweek just beat Nairo with Cloud, I guess I underestimated his viability in tournaments lmao.

    As far as how he plays, his n-air is great, f-air is great and spikes at tip, u-air is decent for juggles, and his specials are aight in certain situations (unless LB, where they are pretty viable in a lot of cases). Don't grab with him btw, no follow-ups except for d-throw into side-b, and that's only at low percents. Also his end lag is pretty bad on most moves, but makes up for it in general speed I think. He's a faster Ike basically with a KO move.

  • He looks pretty fun anyways. Yeah I heard about him not having any grab follow ups. Iunno if I'll ever take Sm4sh seriously, I basically sold my soul to melee a few years back, I just recently found out my local melee scene isn't dead which is great but still sucks that I didn't find out earlier. There's also Sm4sh tourneys but I don't have the game to practice myself.

  • 1. never played a single fallout.

    2. fps lives, it will be only more realistic visually. lets hope they expand on the violence by stimulating real pain on our bodies every time you get hit. that would be something...

    3. fantasy rpg sucks, rpg elements are nice though IF THEY WERENT REPETITIVE. mmo is just... messy. its good on its own place. you cant compare the two lol. one is a game genre and the other the type of gameplay/the number of live users in a game.


  • 1. I tried to play fallout 4 twice and it froze both times about 30 minutes in.

    2. well, there have been things like goldeneye that are over 15 years old... so i think they'll be around for a while longer

    3. I haven't really tried any MMOs so RPGs i guess. I've had a lot of fun with undertale, and i always love a good story. Plus tactical RPGs are one of my favorite things.

    My favorite competitive game is whichever smash bros is most recent i guess. I get pretty competitive when i play boom street/fortune street though x)

  • I know dead topic is dead, but holy fuck Genesis was soooooo fucking hype, all games included. Mango nearly gave me a heart attack in those GF sets Q~Q

    Here's to 2016, hopefully the real year of the GOAT

  • im sad by ppmd's performance. He should've gone marth on those FD sets but I guess his Falco was hot at the moment. Mango destroyed his marth at the end too so not much to do when Mango is playing incredible. Armada with the clutch peach switch hisfox was getting destroyed, it was pretty hype. The Nintendude M2k Upset was real so was axe mango before top 8. Mango going back to fox on top 8 probably is why he did so good in comparison on how average he was the days before.

  • I thought PP did really well, honestly believed that he could take it over Armada in winner's semis, I think his losses came because of Falco's general lack of survivability. There were moments where I feel he was definitely outplaying Mango and Armada, but Falco's trash recovery and kill power is what did him in. Don't know what happened to his Marth though, the boy got bopped in every neutral interaction with Mango.

    And holy shit Mango made a definite case for the possible best fox in the world right now, I'm pretty sure Leffen couldn't have stood up to it, especially with the Genesis GF runback pressure on the line. But as a Falco lover, I was sad when Mango opted for the Fox, though it's definitely what made him do so good, I agree.

  • Nah PP's performance wasn't on point. His combo game was great as usual but his neutral wasn't. You see armada getting all these easy punishes on him on the first games, he was doing a bit better later on but falco on FD getting grabbed is just not good. Mango's neutral was just so good not much to say about pp's match against him besides mango was just playing out of his mind .

    His marth was really really off though. his falco definitely was an inprovement with with such a poor recovery you need a real solid neutral.

  • That's fair, I guess I'm still too new to the scene to notice things like that. I did notice his neutral was off, but it looked more apparent during his set with Mango than with Armada to me. Still, some of those punishes in winners semis were fucking phenomenal on PP's part, I legit think if the bracket was a little different, he could have taken 3rd over Hbox

    But maybe I'm too big a fanboy to notice his flaws lol