• In this topic it will be just a discussion about games. new questions!

    1. Naruto shippuden or dragonball z tenkaichi

    2. best video game companion

    3. favorite game and why


    1. Please keep the debate fun but not to the point to where it gets out of hand so please put your torches and pitchforks down


    3. NO CONSOLE WARS (I'm just trying to get my point across)

    4. Have fun.

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  • 1. I'm indifferent to Fallout 4 (not a fan of Bethesda, they're pretty shitty imo)

    2. They most definitely won't die any time soon, though we may be due for a revolution in the genre (something akin to Mirror's Edge, like Mirror's Edge 2 lol)

    3. I prefer RPGs, but that's mainly because I don't have the means to play a real MMO (unless I nut-up and buy Destiny like my friend wants me to)

    I'll ask my own question now lol:

    What's everyone's favorite competitive game? Any genre, from fighting to shooters to RTS to MOBAs. Whatever the genre, which one is your favorite. I'm trying to get into Melee competitively, but so far I suck absolute balls and can barely wavedash correctly lol

  • Oh good I thought this topic would be a complete waste thanks to that first post but Amber picking it up with the melee talk.

    I play melee but I don't have much practice against other people. First tourney a few weeks ago got me placed 9th-12th out of 29 people, it's a good result considering it was my first time against competitive player, I think I can rank up. I'd say focus on practicing movement, make sure you're comfortable dash dancing, wavedashing and wavelanding around platforms, being able to wavedash and being able to naturally incorporate it in your movement is pretty different, movement is vital in melee.

    You've picked any main yet? Or still unsure on who to pick? I've been maining Marth for a while now.

    Aside from melee I play some Blazblue and Guilty Gear. Barely any SF, tekken and Skullgirls.

  • Bo3's pretty addicting.

  • @Cressel I'm trying to decide between Sheik and Falco, though ICs might be a pocket mid-tier for funsies. What makes it hard for me to decide is that I don't know what my style gravitates to, but I guess that will come to me in due time lol

    @Akonyx I've heard it's a solid game, but I don't want to buy that $40 multiplayer only mode. That seems like kind of a rip-off imo

  • my favorite game is pivot

  • @Amber Yeah I don't even know what my playstyle is tbh. Once you start getting used to the game you'll know which character you're more comfortable with.

    Shiek is pretty straightforward, lots of tech chases and easy set ups, it's pretty clean. Falco on the other hand can go from extremely aggressive pressure to really smart spacing and I know nothing about ICs.

    I kind of wanted to secondary Falco but I'm not too sure, I just have a lot of fun with the rest of the cast I can't really pick one, I'll probably choose once I find out who I have the most trouble dealing while using Marth so I can counterpick.

  • 1. It's casual garbage.

    2. No, as long as there's a competetive scene it will never die out. In fact, more First Person games are being made then ever before.

    3. RPGs are usually better because most MMO(RPGs) are grindy and lack good story.

  • I like the answers guys soon i will update the questions so follow the thread for new topics to disscus about


    @Elaxter @Amber @Cressel @Akonyx

  • @mitchell you don't have to sign your shit lmao, we can see the username attached to your post


  • wow.


  • @mitchell i love you

  • @Cressel Good luck with that man, Falco is incredibly fun to use, and dual maining Falco/Marth seems like solid synergy between the two.

    Also, in Sm4sh news Cloud isn't as good as I hoped he was :( I'm still going to main him, but fuck the start/end lag on all his moves are doodoo butter man I swear. I mean, he's just going to be a placeholder until I get Corrin, but still.

  • Then get gimped at 30% lmao

  • Yeah Cloud's recovery is really bad, it also wastes the Limit Break at times. He still seems pretty ok, looks like he has the tools but I'm not sure since I've never played him.

  • Well fuck me Tweek just beat Nairo with Cloud, I guess I underestimated his viability in tournaments lmao.

    As far as how he plays, his n-air is great, f-air is great and spikes at tip, u-air is decent for juggles, and his specials are aight in certain situations (unless LB, where they are pretty viable in a lot of cases). Don't grab with him btw, no follow-ups except for d-throw into side-b, and that's only at low percents. Also his end lag is pretty bad on most moves, but makes up for it in general speed I think. He's a faster Ike basically with a KO move.

  • He looks pretty fun anyways. Yeah I heard about him not having any grab follow ups. Iunno if I'll ever take Sm4sh seriously, I basically sold my soul to melee a few years back, I just recently found out my local melee scene isn't dead which is great but still sucks that I didn't find out earlier. There's also Sm4sh tourneys but I don't have the game to practice myself.

  • 1. never played a single fallout.

    2. fps lives, it will be only more realistic visually. lets hope they expand on the violence by stimulating real pain on our bodies every time you get hit. that would be something...

    3. fantasy rpg sucks, rpg elements are nice though IF THEY WERENT REPETITIVE. mmo is just... messy. its good on its own place. you cant compare the two lol. one is a game genre and the other the type of gameplay/the number of live users in a game.


  • 1. I tried to play fallout 4 twice and it froze both times about 30 minutes in.

    2. well, there have been things like goldeneye that are over 15 years old... so i think they'll be around for a while longer

    3. I haven't really tried any MMOs so RPGs i guess. I've had a lot of fun with undertale, and i always love a good story. Plus tactical RPGs are one of my favorite things.

    My favorite competitive game is whichever smash bros is most recent i guess. I get pretty competitive when i play boom street/fortune street though x)