Taki's thread

  • Hello, it’s taki that’s my anims :3

    Me vs neffarix (newest)

    Natsu Dragneel test

    Me vs noobist

    Me vs power

    Hope for some CC and for the rank!

  • Wow taki, you got better than me! You might be rookies! Cool

  • Rank Team

    You finally registered. I'll cc your thread later.

    Okay. So I already know that you are going for the telltale "anime style" And for that, i advise you to exaggerate your poses more, use heavier spacing, ease less and make movements flow more.

    Now for your shortcomings...

    "Neffarix vs You"

    So i really like the use of outlines to distinguish his pose more and the fact that he has anime eyes even though he is a stick man but the jump he does lacks build up. After that, there's this pose when he jumps:

    Not only is this pose awkward 'cause he broke his back, it also shows minuscule power compared to lets say... this:

    (i did this in 5 minutes lmao)

    Overall it's pretty decent, but i think you can do better.

    "Natsu Test"

    Heh. So basically, there's nothing wrong with this anim since you handled easing pretty well as well as the poses. But there's that lack of balance on the landing and what you would probably do to make this anim better is to make him "bounce" into the fire attack thingy so it'll look more flowy and all that. But you did a good job there and all i'm doing is giving stylistic advice aside from the offbalance landing.

    "The Pivot 2 base isn't a noob"

    There's nothing much to say to this anim because it doesn't show much movements. The buildup to the run was a nice touch, but the part where he facepalms the stick man as pretty stiff in the part of the anime guy.

    "Power vs You"

    There's also nothing much to say here because It's basically a run. The run's pretty decent btw.

    Good job.

  • @T.01 KK nigg

  • I see you've also mastered the art of double posting

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  • Ayy Taki, you finally make a thread. There's nothing much to say. Your animation seems shaky, keep consistent with orion skin, and also you have to ease them with a perfect timing, if you keep it up. You could be Rookies or Inters m8. Deal

  • @Hype :D

  • @T.01 it's not a pivot 2 base, it's a gatashu thing i used .. and thanks :D

    @-NV12- Thanks :3

  • This post is deleted!

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