• Wow its been a many years since the last time I go to this site, Everything is new, but anyways. I am your wandering wizard Brrrndy, used to be on past as Brandx84,Brandy84,xx08don04xx(IDK if those stated usernames are correct, man can't really blame its been 7-8 years or something.) 

    I used to be animating a lot on this forum, And I got ranked up as rookie on that time. Right now I just returned to just for the throwbacks for my journey as a stick animator. Since I'm just returned for animating and this time making it serious (considering making it as a career), But not in stickfigure or Pivot. But it seems all of the past database on past site is lost as I seen for browsing on this forum. I'm glad this site is still existed. well that's pretty long Self-Production. And yeah I would like to say thanks for whoever I interact at the past forum for making my Animation Journey to be a BANGER.