Installation Problem

  • Hello, Pivot Administration, experienced member or just a member. I'd like to tell my problem to you. So, I wanted to download Pivot Animation, the stable version and I did download it. Then I deleted it and decided to re download it, but when I tried, it stopped downloading at 10% and it instantly got to 100%. Then, when I want to finish the installation, it says that everything went finely and when I click "Close", there's no Pivot Animation. I tried it over and over, but failed each time I tried. It even happened to the old version. Please, if you're still active and I hope you are, please help me. Thanks.

  • I will try to turn off the antivirus, even though there was no virus warning.
    Update: It didn't help.

  • Never mind! I just managed to download it... I don't know the solution, I just waited...

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