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  • So pro man

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  • Congrutalions! The staff have deemed you worthy of Rookie rank! Don't let us down now.

  • Yyyyyyyo! This could be easily a thing you'd see in DDC10. The flares were a very nice touch, the angles from which the Kunais were moving in perspective were nicely executed, the blurs are something I always appreciate to see in any animation as it smoothens things quite a bunch. 2D movements seem to be quite decent which is exactly how a rookie's should be—to be honest, you deserve your rank more than most, and I'm not even be biased about it—you also seem to have tried quite a load of angles in different scenes. What I see could be improved is your way of handling facial expressions as the eyes seem bigger than they should be. If you follow the 3 eyes rule

    The space between the eyes is about the same width as an eye.

    The appeal value will generally get higher. The way you've designed you PBA's face made him look like a 15 year old which which I'm sure is not his age. Keep in mind that the more anatomy features you add to a character the older it looks. Next is the lack of dynamic smoke, I realise that you're trying to achieve a naruto-like smoke that linearely fades. What's wrong about it is its form, it looks more like a cloud in the sky than anything else. Try to add some dynamism to it by making a part of it following the character's direction and stretch as it follows him. Your movements, to be frank, seem to be just fine to me, and you show a good understanding of the fundamentals. You just have to purfect that knowledge; try to accentuate your poses to give a clearer idea about what are the characters doing. Hope that helps.