• I am “The” Bunny Rabbit. FroodJackle and I were responsible for saving this forum. Many times..

    I drop in (rarely) for nostalgias sake. And I thought for those old time members, might appreciate the history of this place.
    Peter Bone made the program, and an MSN Group for people who used it. It was abandoned, and Del, admin of the man group “The Players Club” picked it up as a side project. it pretty much began to bloom on its own as members posted their content and grew skills with it.
    after some time we had a full blown community of members and friends, hanging out on msn messenger group conversations of people from around the world. ‘Twas wonderful.
    AtokNirro promotes me to assistant manager.
    I begin helping fix up the group, help moderate and basic admin tasks.
    MSN announces the closure of groups February 21st, 2009.
    Admin Del announces he doesn’t intend to follow the forum or save it, as he had little interest in animation in the first place.
    Froodjakle, AtokNirro, Parsons, and BunnyRabbit work on migrating to a forum-based site to save it.
    pivotanimation.tk was born.
    froodjakle moves on from PA as it blossomed, and handed the keys to me. I hired several more assistant managers as I liked to keep 5 assistant managers and about 4 mods.
    we migrate the site one more time to get a better site format

    Pivotanimation.net was born. We managed the forum well, but in today’s age the program didn’t keep people around like it did before. The internet’s a very different place. I was growing up and not really animating anymore, spent most of my time managing a dying forum. I promoted Kaltiz who is the last admin I know about. And kaltiz landed the .org.

    So kaltiz, if you remember my attitude at all you’ll know I liked the old layout much better. xD PA was famous for sharing the color scheme of msn groups, it was just cozy. Purple and cream.

    I had a lot of ups and downs in this place. Spent so much time on it I actually starting dating a member, Kat who was this cute Australian girl. Had the full intention of flying to meet her.
    This was our song, and our story in a nutshell. A Kat and a bunny, drawing together, till I got tied up with managing and lost my drive to draw, and animate. It was weird how as a couple kids, we were genuinely in love, having never met outside of msn messenger and webcams.

    So this is to you guys, all the old timers who have long since moved on. I wish I remembered every one of you but it’s been so long.

    This is my list of animations I’ve made in my time here.

    Hopefully a mod or admin can stocky this, for those who pass by on peek in to this place. Here I am, 22 years later, still in love with this place and it’s community of some of the most imaginative kids I’ve ever known. Rest In Peace PA.

  • lol 22 years? and yeah was just talking about a lot of that stuff the other day but can't believe you don't remember who made pivotanimation.tk ahem anyhow those were good itmes i miss froodjackle if anyone has contact for him would like to see where hes at lol making gamemaker games with him was a blast i recently downloaded gamemaker studio 2 idk if he still does that but would be cool if he did he was goooddd. Pa isnt dead yet if i got anything to say bout it so glad to see people remember this community!

  • @PIV0T0R

    where you at nowadays?? And yes I remember who made the .tk! Seems like forever ago but yesterday. Where’s Kaltiz? I’m looking to start a forum and need some advice on... forums. He’s was always my go-to guy as I’ve always been more of a people person than a coder.

  • Hey Alex what's up? Crazy, I've succumbed to nostalgia as well. Anyone still around?