I'm developing Stickman Figure Online MMORPG game

  • Hello, I've made this thread to inform you, Stickman enthusiasts, about my still-in-development Stick Figure MMORPG.

    Since young I was always a fan of games and animations on StickPage. A few I've remembered and especially liked are Terkoiz, Castle series, and some duel series which name I forgot :rolleyes: but there's lot of great stuff even if I don't remember it's name.
    At some point I wanted to mimic them and started creating my own animations in Pivot and Macromedia flash. Of course they're not anywhere on internet anymore but I'd say one of my animations was quite good haha.
    Being a gamer, I was looking for stickman MMORPGs and indeed there were some, but not only they were very basic with frozen development, they also collapsed sooner or later.

    I wanted to play real stick online game since long time but there are none to this day (at least none that I know of, that are in my taste).
    So i've decided to make one:

    As you can see the player model (which will be also used for NPC many times (but not always)) was based heavily on stick figures, e.g. the ones from Castle Series.
    I guess you could say that it was inspired by Stick animations, community and their contributions as a whole.

    To get to know more about my Stickman Figure MMORPG, check devlog.

    The game will be free to play in browsers.
    PS, if any grammar mistakes were made, they were not intended, but caused by the fact English is not my first language.
    See you in game! (Maybe?)

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