• So... I guess you can call me a "Rookie". Call me whatever you want, but I got a dilemma. I am currently working on a series that I call 'The Epic Battle'. Epic fighting, of course. I usually (Rookie!) animate animations for speed 6.7. I tried to run one of my videos, just for fun, on 33.3 speed. Then I saw something amazing: My animations look WAY more realistic on 33.3 speed! So here's my dilemma: I WANT my animations to look that realistic, but their also too FAST on 33.3 speed! I don't want to start animating slowly like a pro, cuz I am NOT a pro! What to do? Don't tell me to use speed like 15 or 24, I tried all other speeds and none of them works. What to do??

  • If you want them to look smooth at lower frame rates, and/or use a higher speed rate but not decrease animation length you'll need more frames. more frames can be achieved numerous ways but if you just simple double frames it will not have any smoother effect it will only duplicate the effects of a lower frame rate. So if u want to double the speed of an animation you'll need to make the animation with twice as many frames so x2 as many adjustments. there is really no other way around it. its common to use a lot more frames in a scene with a lot less movement and scenes with lots of movements you can moves stuff faster and it will still seems smooth like you're noticing. slowing down your animating is the best way to get quality work so if you become a pro in the process more power to you. i animated very slowly and sitll had stiff movments there is a lot more to being pro than animating slowly and some good animators may be way faster too not sure but i know it too me so long idk how they did it.