• Wow can't believe i still have a log in after all these years. Im an old member from the msn group era if anyone is familiar with the sites oldest days. Original memebr who moved site to Phpbb forum and format from sn groups to be later take over by rabbit and cant rmemebr but someone whos Tag started with K. Kyle possibly? anyhow checked in on this site a few times in the last couple years its a shame to see the really well built and matiened site by said K user is no longer being used? The tan a purple format i was a fan of he really had this site custom built now it just looks like a generic site builder was used again? No matter. Its a shame to see how inactive this site has become. Anyhow i have a lot of free time on my hands nowadays so if the current Admin/Owner is looking to transfer ownership please Email Me @ green-shady@hotmail.com i have been an admin and assistant manager and preet much all other roles at some point on this forum all the way back to 2007 so it would be in good hands and i would like to restore activity and get it back to its peak or atleast to where theres multiple posts a day and not just in off topic either lol actual animations. Hope to hear from somebody shout out to anyone whos still alive out there!