• Hi Guys my name is KoalaFish and I’m new here. Some background info of me is that I’ve been animating on Pivot for about 4-5 years now and am good at making fullbodies.(Don’t think that just because I have been on here for a long time means I’m good! In fact I’m still searching for a tutor or someone to help me out.) I work on my original ideas and love working in groups or sharing them with others. As a matter of fact I intend to make a show or an anime based off of the characters I made now. I have the plot, story, characters, kind of everything I need except animation. And as I’m waiting to be old enough to create my own show I decided it would be a good thing to learn to animate. So there you have it thats every thing about me. Except one thing. As a custom I like to end my post with a joke and a quote.Q: What’s a Koalas favorite drink? A: Coca Koala!

    “Hold On To Your Butts”-Jurassic Park

    source: http://www.jokes4us.com/animaljokes/koalajokes.html