• http://imgur.com/1votntz

    Rank this please...

  • nice! i am happy to see that one of the first threads i enter after like months has such a great animation!

    i dont have much time so i will quickly point out some stuffs!

    for the major part, the whole part of the animations the black guy had his elbow turned, except during punches! it felt like he has some bone problems but is forced to fight! the reactions for the blue guy were like he hardly felt anything and was just showing some movements out of respect for the old black guy, his standing back up in the end after that flying around the world and getting that kick proved it. it would have felt much better if there was a bit more of charging sequence then the time pause effect, right now it feels like there was just some energy attack which did that, but that wasnt what u were trying to do, i guess. the poses in the starting could use some more dynamism in the black guy's part!

    the animation is very fluid and the blurs and effects look awesome. keep animating

    i might add some more if and when i get the time!

    see u around!!!

  • @Bullzeye Thx man...and thx for the tips good sir ^_^... also ik you said that it looked pretty much like the blue guy just tanked all hits except for that charged hit...the reason for it is im usually kinda comforted upon small space fights...it allows me to make more menuver...atleast for me...i am trying to imrove so thats why i posted here as actually one of my most recent animations (since i have to keep a good respondance to my youtube channel and to see how good i am at the moment) and i can see where the point is going with the whole elbow thing...im usually not very perspective upon the anatomy of a stickman if it were to fight like an actuall human so i can see where i screwed that up...

    But thank you for the comment and telling what was wrong! I appreciate it. By much of the information that was appointed i would assume that your better than me...so maybe il study some animations of yours.

    Later bro!

  • @Null hahahaha! non of my post right now on the site are any better than urs so dont bother looking them, i guess they would be far back like last year during june or july, it is no good to my present!

    i believe this wasnt a spam was it @moderators if any!