My thread that I totally didn't copy completely from DD

  • Seriously though, I can't just abandon my home website.

    I need to at least post here sometimes.

    Practice? I don't know.

    After a year of not animating or in other words


    Trying new motions instead of the usual run across the screen. Trying a new style so it may look wonky but it'll help me progress.

    Practice that Blademaster told me to do so he could cc me, but he went to sleep when I finished.

    Was going through an old animations folder to study some and I found this background that was unanimated on so I decided to try it out. I tried to make him get to the end but the ledge came for his nuts before I could do anything. May he rest in peace.

    A future (?) joint between me and Flame if he goes through with it. The original plan was to animate phrases like 'lol, xd, or lmao' fighting each other, but it's up to flame if he's willing to do that.

    My part only

    Stickfigure fights a fly that has arms for wings and turns super saiyan for some reason, then he dances out of the screen because I'm lazy.

    Stick gets chased after falling from his default position by an originally black guy turned red for some reason.


    Joint with Flame

    I animated the Purple guy, he animated the blue one and the ending.

    First animation in a while

    (At the time.)

  • yeah intermediate.