Looking for admin or active users?

  • Who runs this website now?

  • Nobody

    i am all that remains


    The face of nightmares is ironically my main source of laughter,
    it also happens to be my profile picture


  • Rank Team

    All I can remember is that kaltiz owns the server running the website. Drift used to own the old website before it got breached. I would be active, if I knew it was worth it.

  • Administrators

    you can't be the real Pivotor... are you? :O

  • Retired Staff

    I secretly own the website tbh

  • okay i saw you looked like you werte in control yest i remeber thats who it was kailtz or whatever and yes this is the real PIV0T0R lol cant belive i made that post 2 years ago O.o time flies someone should rreally get at me tho id like to get this site going again it was a lot of fun for me back in the day working with websites and this community is what i know best. @Crafty

  • The old website got breached aye? that sucks makes sense though why everything changed. lol for any doubters.

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