I Made Myself A Challange!

  • Hello! To post something here and to practice

    i made my self a challange to animate... Your Suggestions!

    Cant's, Can's and Have to's

    -It Cant be more than 15s-
    -If you want you, you can create the character, and character's characteristics-
    -You have to tell/say/type-
    -Dont make it to hard... plz-
    -You can also crate any object/s you want to see!-
    -And also you can tell/say/type what kind of scenery you want to see!-

  • this gay asf

  • I wanna see you make rule 34 of Overwatch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    A nice signature that i might chance every now and then.
    Should i sign my name? Hmmm… Nah. Forget that i’m just gonna write something until the i’ve reached the limit of the signature.

    Almost there… My last words are gonna be…



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