• Assistant Manager

    Please consider reading the rules before posting anything at all to ensure everything going safely and nicely.

    General rules

    • Do not post in a way that is offensive, annoying, or both to others.
    • Do not mini-mod: Acting like a mod by saying things like “you have broken a rule” or “don’t bump”.
    • Do not speak in a language that is not English to ensure proper communication with everyone.
    • Do not spam or go off the topic of a discussion in a thread.
    • Do not even think of trying to get around your ban by creating another account. Of all the rule breaks, this is the one that we can never tolerate.
    • Do not sh*it post.
    • Do not post in an inadequate forum.
    • Do not bump a topic that is older than 2 weeks.
    • Do not post any sort of pornography anywhere in the site including softcore.
    • Do not post images that are larger than 800px in width.
    • Do not steal animations that aren’t yours and claim them to be your own.
    • Do not double post. Multi-quote instead.
    • Do report any rule break or a problem to a moderator or admin privately.
    • Do ask the RankTeam for ranking and constructive criticism.
    • Be mature: Immaturity ultimately results in breaking one of the rules above.
    • Do not abuse the staff: Asking them do do their job every once in a while is good, but doing it on a daily basis will give the staff’s fingers the itch to ban you.
    • Do introduce yourself in the introduction hall once you’re registered.
    • Do wait for your topics to be approved-don’t repost.

    Chat rules

    In addition to the general rules:

    • Do not post images that are larger than 300px in width and height.
    • Do not post in a color that is so high in saturation it could give ebola to one’s eye-especially yellow.


    You may bump in:

    • Your own topic if you need to update it
    • Threads that exist in the Advanced and tutorial sub-forums
    • Stickied posts


    • We reserve the right to:
    • Remove any post if it seems inappropriate.
    • Ban anyone who breaks any rule.
    • Kick anyone of the chat if he breaks any rule.
    • Breaking a rule after a warning will result in a tempo-ban.
    • Breaking a rule after a tempo-ban will result in a perma ban.