Guess who's back!

  • Hi there. I am Grave.

    Some of you may know me, some of you may not. But I am an oldie. A PA oldie. I'm actually quite young myself. I developed a habit of going in month long hiatuses, but this has gotta be the longest one so far. Anyway, I came back to see a couple of old faces [usernames] and have a chat once in a while. Gotta say though, I'm digging the whole new layout.

  • Yo Grave, good to have you back from the... yeah I'm not going to finish that shitty pun, welcome back to new PA, where spoilers don't exist

  • Retired Staff

    Hey man, not sure if you remember me. But incase you don't, Hi I'm Crafty nice meeting you


    Come to our discord chat, forums are dead as fuck

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