All of my Old Animations (RIP my Pivot career 4/2012-3/2014)

  • Hi, everyone,

    For nostalgia's sake, I've decided to post everything I have here. Below is a copy of what I posted over three years ago to other sites. Hope you enjoy checking out what was basically my life's work for almost two years.

    Thanks for looking. c:

    My god, this took forever.

    This is my first PBA with Winbot, my third PBA overall. In this anim, Winbot battles Zakkin, WafflesMgee's PBA character. It's a bit rushed, because I challenged Waffles, made about half of it, and just kinda... forgot about it. Waffles then set a deadline, which was quite short, and I had to really move it on the last half of the animation. It's exactly 600 frames. Any questions, post 'em.

    I made this animation for the Pivot Rank Collab 1. Pivot Rank is an indie forum that one of my buddies set up [back in 2012], and so I joined their first collab with this entry. Exactly 250 frames. Not much else to say, but you can ask questions if you want.


    This animation took a month to make, 600 frames exactly. Oh, and one more thing, if you don't know the Divide by Zero meme, you won't understand this animation. Click here to learn about the Divide by Zero meme. Questions? they go down below. :3

    (Older animations coming soon. I'm a bit crunched for time right now, but I promise I'll post my older stuff too.)

  • These are pretty bro. You should start animating again, would love to see you make a come back


  • I've only seen one animation that I think mine are better than. This is not that animation, because these are great!