yee, fun

  • Threadthing.



    Bouncy? No.

    Uh-oh. A box.

    BG+Kick+Idling+Shakiness+Blademaster's base=whatever the hell this is.

    Gifraped Spartan emotion thing.

    Preview of a joint with Ichamaru.

    Small combo with Lithium's base.

    No double framing:

    Criticism welcome and appreciated!

    Credits: Blademaster, Lithium, Daniel, Cressel, Droidz, Krustalien[/center][/quote]

  • i like the backround on your newest one

  • updoot

  • so your ideas seem solid, and you have an understanding of arches a bit, but your movements are too fast.

    You need to add a bit more easing, slow down the spacing a little.

    heres what im talking about

    the one on top is kinda like yours

    you have some easing, but it isnt that visible

    bottom one is better eased, it speeds up and slows down.

    It's like a car, you're not going to start it and have it immediately go like 40 mph.

    My thread:
    I am the cheesiest, there is no arguing that.


  • Thanks Cheese, I'll work on that :)

  • @Jack Our joint is gonna be freaking awesome ;)

    what is real, will prosper.


  • updoot again

  • updizzle, my nizzles. make sure to lizzle a comizzle, and maybizzle i'll retizzle courtizzle!

  • U gottaa work on your poses and physics. It looks good though.
    (guess this works)
    Pls give me a cc here
    Pretty please.


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