Pivot Sprite Problem AGAIN!!!

  • So Ive Had This Problem Before And I Fixed It.... Now I Have the same problem again! i made the black parts a very dark gray and this still happens i used alferd sprite unpacker and one way to fix it is to cut out the sprites in paint but i takes way too long... ive also tried making the bg transparent and cutting out the sprites in alferd unpacker but still the same result someone help?!?!?!? Either it'll delete the hair like it did now.. or it'll delete the black along with the bg

  • why would you want to use sprites in pivot stickfigure animator tho

  • pivot, even though originally is a stickfigure animator, supports sprites. Now, as an attempt to help solve the problem itself, if you can cut out the sprites itself, why not cut it in paint?

  • If you haven't noticed, the blackness of the character so happens to be the bottom left pixel of the image which is what Pivot crops. A solution to this would be to expand the canvas size to leave some room for the BG color—which, needless to say, should be anything but the colors that are in the actual character—to be cropped.