• My very recent stuff right here:

  • Moved. As for cc, i'll do it later.

    Okay, first off, GET. RID. OF. DOUBLE. FRAMING. If you want slow motion, move everything in 1px, and change the bg or something for a Max Payne effect.

    Now that's out of the way, it's time for the more detailed stuffs since you pretty much have the basics done already.

    *Gun anim thingy*

    Okay so the recoil felt pretty weak despite it being a magic gun of some sort. The gun throw could also use some anticipation because the gun felt like it's made of Styrofoam or something. The same can also be said with the gun slam thingy because it lacks power. What is anticipation? Well, basically it's a motion that precedes the action that you're about to do. For the stickman, it acts like a build up of sort (Like a rubber band, you pull back before you release force) . For the audience, It act's like a reminder of the action that the stickman is about to do. You also shouldn't stretch the limbs too small. Keep in mind we're only talking about the gun dude here. The sword dude needs to show more weight since he's lifting a rather large sword and it feels like he's using a kid's wooden sword. One of the things i learned about weight is that if a heavy object goes up, you use small spacing/Ease more. And if it goes down, use heavier spacing because of gravity. Overall it isn't bad compared to most tbh, but you can improve.

    *Gary inspired anim*

    There's nothing much to say here tbh, it looks pretty smooth. I guess the poses should be a lil more exaggerated and the effects could use some work. So good job there.

    Keep up the not-so-mediocre work!

  • Gun anim was p bad. You shouldnt have started moving the canvas the very moment he shoots imo. Dont even get me started on this sword guy. I mean wth is that sword pose even good golly.

    Gary inspired anim was p much 100% copied from gary and you got caught on that so i wont say anything more about it.

    Work on your movements and try to make the action easier to follow.

  • Tolskie thanks for the cc! Not so mediocre means mediocre lol

  • Your scene picking is good, but the execution needs a lot of work. Stop double framing everything and stop resizing the limbs when it isn't actually needed, do it to put emphasis on a position that absolutely requires it, 3d, but avoid it otherwise. You end up with really short limbs for no reason and it really takes a lot out of the animation. The weight and size of the sword felt different on each scene too, you really need to keep continuity.

    Your movements seem ok but you ruin it via double framing and limb resizing. Clean your movements.

  • Thank you man, also update!!