katana and dual sai of steel​

  • katana and dual sai of steel http://imgur.com/jZzJU53

  • There is a lot u need to improve.

    There is this thing called 'easing'. In this u slowly increse the speed of an object at the start of the movement and then slows down while stopping the movement. In normal motion this is a gradual increase and decrease. But in movements like punch or kicks, it starts quick and ends with no easing to show speed and power. In jumps the speed increase when the Guy is bent taking strength to make a jump, this goes quick, then once the legs are in the air the guy starts slowing again gradually, then increases gradually and stops comparatively faster when he lands.

    Srry if I couldn't make you understand, u will get it when the time comes

    Then there is this thing called 'stiffness'. This one is most difficult for beginners, even i suffer from this still although am animating for 3 years. This includes moving all the joint dots in every frame of all the moving bodies, of man especially. Until the man is sleeping unconscious or dead the person should move by atleast a pixel ( also not applicable to stunned or ppl just standing).

    There will be more to do but this is all for now. Hope u liked it.

    For now try making some ball go up and down until the physics imply to the thing. Then make some jumps.