• Hello guys,I am Jeff and i making anims with 3d,cinematcs and stickmans :B ah and i from Brazil

    Duel with Sete(Jongami)

  • The animation had gpod pts and bad pts, but even though this anim was epic i loved watching it and i feel that you are surely better than me.

    First the good things:- most important, it was epic, the cinamatics were great 3D animation everything were cool. U are pretty creative. I would like to see more of that coming. And the eyes, yes, they were superb. The bg was so detailed it looked like some veterans help.

    Now the sad things:- the things which doesn't really matter to us as animators but comes as criticism from the audience is that the way the white dots appear, u can make them come from outside the frame or from the hand or something. Dont Let the dots keep still. Keep them moving. The book or whatever it was that turned into sword Could have come more epicly if u had made the hand first go up and then come down and then the white dots had appeared. Now the eyes should not go bellow the mid of the head. They looked weird.

    Thats all i could find and see.