• How does the ranking system work here? What you need to have to go to the next lvl?

  • You need to meet a certain criteria in order to get up the ladder. It typically goes like this: You improve, the RT somehow notices you, one member makes a move-up thread for you if you think you deserve a rank-up, provided you haven't requested one yet, a discussion occurs as to whether you should be move up or not, and depending on the agreements or disagreements, you get your thread a move-up. Of course, the more you force it-as in constantly bothering everyone about your rank- the less likely it might happen. It's just how it goes. What you need to keep in mind is to just heartily do your best everytime and hopefully it'll come by itself.

  • Thx for that. Now what should a persons animation contain to go up for eg ( i am making an assumption)

    1) to reach rookies u need to cover ur basics

    2) to reach inters u need 3D and epicness

    3) reaching advanced is all about being epic and perfecting ur basics with not even a single flaw that anyone finds.

    Sort that.

  • Well it's correct for the most part. Rookies require you to have a decent understanding of the basics and can show it in your animations. To reach inter, you have to perfect them.

    As for advanced, basically all those things you said on inter about "3D and Epicness" plus with the perfection of the basics.

  • Looks like i was on the right track, almost. Lol 😂

    Thx though to both of u.