• it has been time since i was here, but yeah i am back now again.

    my recent

    i had some dbz when i was down

    this was the dbz collab 2 in shuniu west

    some old ones

    some older anims are right in that link below (cheesygrin


  • IDK maybe you got rust but id rank you med-high beginner on what I see, It would be better to rank you tho if you can submit a finished animation but so far so good man :)

  • finish the animation, there's barely anything going on here except for the run

  • Hello Buzzleye. His animation is cool, it reminds me of my first animations when I was learning to do easyng and Flow :D .Lets talk of errors ... This ground is not well setted up.When look at the blue wall it is in 2D and when We look at the ground and stickmans they are in a different view of the 2D:

    Then ask me: How can I take the floor this error?
    Simple, let the floor of this size:

    Purple stickman when it hits handles his foot slips as if the floor was ice XD and gives a error in moviment.

    One thing I liked was that smoke effect when the green stickman hits the foot, I suggest you leave him alive for another 4 frames.The effect of purple stickman when it hits the handles had to last longer.Keep Animation bro!

  • Your animation style hasn't really changed at all. Don't take it the wrong way, I'm just trying to be blunt.

  • Thx everyone, an update

    No new animations but brought the oldones to see my improvement.

  • it looks k

    ease more