• hey PA, Animo here, been about 4-5 years since I've been online and I got to say, I like the new site, also, anyone remember me?

    oh btw I forgot how to embed/code my gifs into my post after I upload them with imgur, can you guys give me a quick run down or point me to where a topic explains it? thx guys

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    Welcome back man! You prolly don't know me but eh.

    Also, you don't need to embed the image, you just copy the link to the image itself then paste it and it will appear as an image.

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    Holy shit, what's up man?

  • yeah not too much aye, im actually settling in with my new partner and im going to be a dad in 6 months, im so proud, how's everything?

    btw I've started animating again too (just a lil) so I'm gonna start uploading them soon.

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    Congratulations man :)

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    "im going to be a dad in 6 months, im so proud"

    Well you should be proud of yourself. I'm really glad for you, man, so congratulations! Welcome back to PA :D

  • I feel a bit strange tbh, being a kid last time I was here, now I'm having one, also, sifteeeerrrr, second person I sort of recognise, heyyy :)

    also I have a couple mates joining, gonna take them under my wing so to speak

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